Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Holy cow! I have sooooo much to catch up on on this blog of ours! I've been a big procrastinator :)
Where to start... ummmmm how about....
It has been almost three months since that perfect day and we couldn't be happier! 
I'll post pictures of our wedding day soon! For now I will talk allll about our super fun honeymoon! 

After our wedding, the first thing we did was go to the car wash. HA! romantic right? Let's just say we didn't enjoy driving around with some of the things written on our car! After that we were starving so we headed to get some Dairy Queen, of course! :) Finally we were headed to the anniversary inn in SLC... which took us FOREVER to find. I swear it's practically hidden! We got our luggage and got all checked in and got to our room... it was seriously SO cool. It didn't even feel like we were in a hotel. We got the "Sun Valley" room. Inside it looked exactly like a cabin! We loved it. The water in the shower even came out of the rock like a waterfall. If anyone hasn't been there, I recommend it! They have some seriously cool rooms.

We woke up the next morning about ten and had our breakfast delivered to us in bed! It was delish! After breakfast we got ready and packed up our things. We were headed to St. George for the night. After a really long drive, we got to our hotel in St. George. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were sweating! Ugh it was miserable. It was about 105 degrees. not fun. We got into our hotel room and layed in front of the AC for a while. Then we got ready and headed of to dinner! We decided to eat at red lobster (one of my faves) and yes... we splurged a little :) let's just say i really love me some snow crab legs :) We went and walked around the St. George Temple and then went to bed early that night because we had a long drive the next day. 

We were off to SAN DIEGO! 
I'm going to fast forward through the driving part because let's face it people... it was wayyy too long. But me and husband enjoyed each other's company and talked about how crazy it was that we were finally married!

We stayed in this spacious honeymoon suite that was so close to Sea World and we loved it! When we got there, we decided to go into Old Town San Diego! We absolutely loved this cute little town. It had a huge mexican/spanish vibe with little hot sauce shops, delicious restaurants and so many other fun old school stores! 

The next day we went to a San Diego Padres baseball game. They have thee coolest stadium there and it was so cool to walk around it and see some amazing views! We splurged a little on some Padre's gear at the fan store that's in the stadium so we could fit in :) haha come to find out it was dumb of us. When we left the game there were a few shops outside the stadium that had everything for almost half the price of what we bought it for in the stadium store! We were a little upset. Oh well! 

The next morning was SEA WORLD DAY! This by far, was my favorite day of our honeymoon. I seriously love sea world! I felt like I was five again. :) Here are some fun picture from our day at sea world. 

The day after that we went to the San Diego Zoo. This place was HUGE! It took us the whole day to walk around the place. We loved it! 

On our last day there we decided to go to Coronado Beach. This beach is beautiful! I swear the sand has like crushed diamonds in it. It is so sparkly and soft! Coronado is just this perfect little city in California! I recommend going there if you haven't been before! I loved laying out in the sand and sun but po could only stand it for about an hour before he got bored. He was upset because I didn't pack a football to throw :) haha! The water was absolutely freezing so we only got our feet wet! It was fun walking along the beach picking sea shells along the way!

The next morning we woke up early and headed home. This was the worst drive of our entire lives haha. It was sooooooo long! 14 hours to be exact! we were stuck in traffic at a dead halt for over two hours in the middle of the desert that was 114 degrees! no fun! A semi had rolled over. I decided to drive for the last four hours because Po was exhausted. But of course, as soon as I get behind the wheel I get pulled over for speeding! awesome. Ha what a perfect way to end the honeymoon ;) I was only going 93 in a 75 zone.... I can't help it! My car thinks its a race car!